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Clean & Gleam delivers a convenient, effective floor care system for beautiful floors that stand up to the test of time. Buy 1 Floor Polish and get 1 Floor Cleaner for £1.00!

Good vibes only! Meet Lemon – one of the most upbeat and energising oils in the world. We love its clean citrus fragrance.

The Mountain Cabin India – Hidden Farms Edition – coffee comes from the Idukki region near the city of Kerala. The coffee beans are hand-picked from October until December at an altitude of 1,525 meters. This coffee is characterised by larger beans and better quality in the drink – compared to other Arabica varieties.

Breath-Away Essential Oil Mouth Rinse cleans and freshens breath with unique blend of six essential oils.

Add instant holiday cheer with these limited-time dolomite diffusers. A great gift for friends and family or even for yourself!

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited time</span> SplasH2O - Tangerine Peach
Size: 5 packets Item: 7808

Sugar-free, zero calorie drink mix that's deliciously refreshing. Perfect to get your family drinking more water. Makes 9.5 litres. Only for a limited time.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time</span>  PURE Melissa
Size: 5 mL Item: 9380

Melissa’s herbaceous lemony fragrance is prized for its calming and uplifting properties.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time</span> PURE Vetiver
Size: 15 mL Item: 9862

Vetiver is a perennial bunchgrass known for it’s calming and stabilising properties. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. It is also frequently used in perfumes.

Are you looking for the right tools for your festivity look? We’ve got you covered. In our handy purple Sei Bella Cosmetic Bag you find three Sei Bella brushes that help you create a beautiful and glamorous look.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited Time </span> Sei Bella® Powder Blush
Size: 3.8 g Item: 7967

Instantly add a pop of colour, define your cheekbones, and brighten your face! Our effortlessly blendable blushes come in a silky-soft formula that’s infused with good-for-your-skin ingredients – including amino acids, green tea, and antioxidant vitamins.

Travel Bag
Size: 1 Travel Bag Item: 3293

Travel bag in a fashionable 2-colour look.

Luggage Tag
Size: 1 Luggage Tag Item: 5187

Claim your bag with a Melaleuca luggage tag that’s all your own.

Melaleuca Notebook with Pen
Size: 1 Bundle Item: 3762

Melaleuca Notebook with Pen

Melaleuca pen
Size: 1 Pen Item: 4081

Melaleuca branded pen with blank ink.

Melaleuca Travel Duffel Bag
Size: 1 duffel bag Item: 3339

Water-resistant Travel Duffel Bag with canvas trim.

Melaleuca Presentation Table Cloth - Gray
Size: 1 table cloth Item: 1920

Full Melaleuca logo on front of cloth to drape over any table.

400ml Enamel Metal Mug.

Omega-3 Booklet
Size: 10 booklets Item: 1250
  • Contains 10 Omega-3 Flyers
  • A great tool for your business
  • Introduce our top-sellers with proven benefits

Filled with 26 custom oil-blend recipes ideal for diffusing. Plus, get advice on how to create new blends based on scent and aromatic benefits. Get yours today!

Filled with 26 custom oil-blend recipes ideal for diffusing. Plus, get advice on how to create new blends based on scent and aromatic benefits. Get yours today!

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